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Vintage Large Off White Wedgwood Mantel Vase


Classic Wedgwood design showcasing fresh clean lines resembling Roman pillars.

This vintage large off white Wedgwood mantel vase would look stunning among a collection of white vases or with a whimsical bouquet of flowers or a simple arrangement. Maybe even displaying small fruit such as grapes, satsumas or even holding mixed shelled nuts.

The original way to display flowers in a mantel vase is to use a frog. Which is a perforated piece of iron or even a small spiked device for holding stems of flowers in an arrangement. Now a days a piece of floral foam would be perfect to use. 

This vase was made c1950’s and has an off white glaze. It is in great condition with some small grey marks on the outside and inside the vase due to it's age.

Size Height 10.6cm x Length 26.5cm x Width 10.8cm. 

Signed for UK mainland delivery for this product is £3.95. 

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