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Vintage Russian Nesting Dolls (Set of 6)


Vintage Russian Nesting Dolls (Set of 6).   


Wooden, handmade and hand painted.


These dolls have been pre-loved and in great condition except for Doll 5 is show age more than the others.


Doll 1, height 13.5cm x width 7.5cm,

Doll 2, height 11cm x width 5.9cm.

Doll 3, height 8.6cm x width 4.6cm.

Doll 4, height 6.5cm x width 3.5cm.

Doll 5, height 5cm x width 2.4cm.

Doll 6, height 3cm x width 1.3cm.

Care Clean with a dry clean cloth.


Signed for UK mainland delivery for this product is £3.95.


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